The Power of One Kind Word

I had a goal as high school student: become a published writer. One of the my earliest experiences in this process of getting published was the receipt of rejection letters. It seemed like every idea I came up with was rejected out of hand and my PO BOX was full of these rejection letters.

Yes we did this all via the post office and the wait from send to end seemed to take forever. After a huge number of these rejections, I received a rejection that changed EVERYTHING! The next letter was a life changer. Check it out….

Picture of a rejection letter from DRAGON magazine.

Yes, it was another rejection letter, but this time it had a personally written note that made all the difference in the world…

“Good idea, but someone else had the same idea first. Don’t be discouraged you have talent.

Roger E. Moore”

Getting a personal note from the editor of DRAGON magazine was an accomplishment in an of itself..

A comment saying “you have talent” was all the fuel that 17-year-old me needed to hear. This statement encouraged me to proceed writing for the rest of my life.

All it took was ONE KIND STATEMENT.

So remember when you are dealing people sometimes all it takes is one kind word to change a life.